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I will be updating the site as I provide the newer pages. this is the only page so far... but you get the idea. Cheers :)

Fighter Base Basics

Fighter Bases are the perfect setup for those who don't plan on spending a lot of money on Packs, but want to have fun and help the team in battles with very little loss. There are three types of bases... Traps, Fighters and Farms. Here is my Fighter Base concept.


The Basics


A Fighter Base Never Has More Troops Than Hospital Beds.


I have designed a starter package for those looking to make a fighter base.
This package is the minimum requirements and can increase over time in steps. The basic idea is setup so all building is instant builds with construction gear on. This makes the 1st stage creation quick and simple. This is based on a Level 15 HQ with T3's unlocked, with one full deployment of 90k.

8 Banks = 85% Training Speed

8 Hospitals = 90k Beds

1 Training Grounds = 1,250 Troop Queue


Level 15

Level 10


Level 15

Level 12

Level 9

Level 7

Level 15











The idea is to manufacture Troop Gear so you can train 2k at a time (No More Than That) and the remaining gear and mods for Training Speed. Why only 2k at a time? Upgrading from the basic package is done in steps. Each hospital upgrade gives you 2k more beds. So you upgrade a hospital and train a set of troops. When you have all hospitals up to their highest level, you can replace a Bank with another hospital. Increasing the level of Banks increases training speed and coin production, so please understand... this is a minimum setup, and increasing Bank Levels is reccomended over time.

Troop Type and Gear


(I am going to use Infantry as the example.)
So, now lets say you have 90k hospital beds and 90k Rocket Infantry... now what?
Open all crates and combine all Materials and Mods. Manufacture Gear for Infantry Attack and Defense. Install each Infantry Gear with Infantry Attack, Defense, Troop Attack, Troop Health and Deployment Speed Mods. Once you have your gear all ready you are almost ready for battle.




















Commander Skill Reset













Reset Your Commander Skills to max out Troop Attack, Infantry Attack, Troop Defense, Health, Infantry Attack II, Troop Defense II, Troop Health II the rest of the skill points can go to Troop Training.
(Please note that if you are going to use Tactical for your troop type, skill points should max out Tactical Attack and Defense)





Before Porting out to fight, always offload all resources to your farm or Alliance Bank. If you plan on attacking a Farm Field (Multiple Farms) it is good to have your shielded farm port first to your attack location, so as you are attacking and acquiring resources, you can send your winnings directly to your secure farm to keep. If not, when you are attacked, the attacker will take anything above your Warehouse secured level. It is always good to have your Warehouse at the highest level to protect resources acquired.

So now there you are, you and your farm at the enemies Farm Field, You send out a maximum deployment of 90k towards your first enemy farm with commander. At this point you should have nothing left in your base... no Traps, Troops or Resources. Once the deployment leaves, you are looking for the next target. Once the deployment is 30 seconds from returning, select your next target and tap Attack. Counting down in your head from 30 seconds... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... You'll see the notification that the deployment has returned and the troops are shown in the Attack window. Quickly tap "Queue maximum" then "Deployment".
(This process is vital that it is done as quick as possible.)
Now in most cases you will have hit 2 to 3 bases before a level 22 base ports in to attack you. So once you send out the Deployment and found the next target, send the acquired resources to the bank. The level 22 base sends 525k at you, and turns you into a fireball... however, he received no points at all.... nothing...zero...nada! Heck he may attack you several more times, while your commander and deployment are out attacking a farm. So again, there you are, your deployment 30 seconds away from arriving to your base, select next target, counting down.... 3, 2, 1, Queue maximum > Deployment... Send Resources to farm, find next target...
He will again attack you...and get nothing. This time he will try and time it so he gets your deployment...Know this!.. So at 30 secs.... use a 50% deployment speedup... select your next target and wait for the Return notification... Queue maximum > Deployment... Send Resources to Farm.
At this point you may have hit all the bases unshielded, so its time to secure your deployment. This is done by instead of attacking a base, "Occupying a Tile".
Choose any tile not too far away.... and again using speedups and the distraction of your deployment moving through burning bases, to time your deployment so not to get hit... Queue maximum > Deployment.... SHIELD! Then before the deployment reaches the tile, Fallback to a secure base. BOOM! You just outplayed the most powerful base in the state with a level 15 base.



If the attacker does time it perfect, (which is very hard to do) worst case senerio, he will have wounded all your troops and taken your commander. You instantly shield, use your farm or stored "Items" resources to heal troops, and port to your next target location. What about the commander? Well, you can let the person know that you will stay there and hit their hive on and off everyday until the commander is returned, or if returned, you'll leave them alone....for awhile :) The commander for me, is not required in a Fighter Base, its nice to have the boosts, but not that big of a deal if lost. If you dont like the idea, the method of ralling your commander before the attacking... and once you send your deployment to the tile cancel rally and shield. but if you dont use your commander to fight... don't worry about gear or mods... and when you do get hit, you won't receive very many Kills/Points.


So when you master 1 deployment of 90k, you can train another 90k and work with 2 full deployments...... as long as you never have more troops than hospital beds, you're good to go.

More to come.....Stay tuned... cc

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