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New Reservation System as of August 1st 2017

California State Parks will have a new reservation system, ReserveCalifornia™, starting August 1st.

The new system will be used for booking camping and lodging sites and tours.

An electronic or hard copy reservation from ReserveAmerica needs to be presented to park staff when checking in for reservations made prior to July 26, 2017.

Cancellation requests can be done by contacting the customer call center at (800) 444-PARK.

By August 1st, reservations can be made online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the ReserveCalifornia™ website.

Reservations can also be made 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST by calling the customer call center. 


Fees: Camping is $10 a night (up to 8 people) by calling

For more information, visit the ReserveCalifornia™ website.



    • Reservations available Year Round through ReserveCalifornia.

    • On the first of each month, campers will have access to an entire month of available start dates, up to 7 months in advance. Count the month you are in as month number one. For instance, if you count September as the first month you can make reservations for all dates beginning in March.

    • You may secure camping reservations as late as 2 days prior to your planned arrival, subject to availability.

    • Web site inventory for the "on-sale" dates are available at 8:00am the same time the inventory is made available over the telephone. After that time the data is available for reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Love Camping


    • A maximum of 10 reservations can be made for Oceano Dunes.

    • Each reservation is limited to one vehicle and one legally towed vehicle.

    • Due to the popularity and nature of this park, there is no space available for parking additional cars.

    • No overnight extra vehicle parking available outside of Oceano campground.

    • Due to tide and beach conditions, check-in is as tides allow on your arrival date. CHECK-OUT TIME IS 6:00 P.M.

Camping On The Dunes



    • Camping and OHV riding is 1 mile South of the Pier St. Entrance, just past the Arroyo Grande Creek, beginning at Pole 2.

    • Access to the OHV and camping area may be restricted periodically by Arroyo Grande Creek which is subject to water releases at Lopez Dam and increased flow during winter storms.

    • Camping is allowed South of Post 2 beyond the concession area on the beach and in the open dune area.

    • Four wheel drive vehicles are recommended.

    • Tent Camping, is permitted.

    • It is unsafe to place your campsite at the base of a slipface / dune.

    • Vault toilets and chemical toilets are provided, and water-delivery and holding-tank pump-out services are available on the beach.

    • High tides, heavy rains, and blowing sand determine whether or not you can drive down the beach without getting stuck.

    • Please be respectful to other campers. Since the park does not have dedicated camping spaces, give other campers the personal space that they may need. It is polite to ask surrounding campers if the spot you would like to camp on is a good one. They may have family members or friends that have not arrived yet that they have been saving that spot for.

    • Everything gets sandblasted on the Dunes. Winds normally blow from the West. Placing your camper doors facing East will limit the amount of sand blowing in your trailer or tent.

    • Unlike the picture above, it is a good idea to place plywood from the front to the back of your trailer, on the West facing side, to block the wind from going under your trailer.

    • Taping or roping off a camping area is permitted. However, if you feel the need to do so, it is best to do this in a not so populated area. Taping off large areas on the beachfront is just plain rude unless you are saving a spot for others.

    • Due to high tides, it is best to give plenty of space between the high tide water mark and your campsite to allow 2 lanes of traffic to move during high tide. If you are not sure, ask someone.

    • Friday morning low tide tends to be the best conditions to tow a trailer on. As the day goes on, more and more people get stuck and tear up the beachfront making the conditions difficult to tow on.

    • By Saturday, two wheel drive vehicles are not recommended in the OHV area.

    • Driving or towing is easier when driving closer towards the hard packed waterline. Driving in the water is not recommended as the saltwater tends to cause rust and will cause electrical problems with lights, etc.

    • It is always best to plan arrivals and departures during low tide.

    • The Speed Limit is 15 MPH in or around camping areas. No exotic driving allowed in those areas (wheelies, donuts, burnouts, etc) and will be ticketed by Park Rangers if seen.


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Oceano Dunes Camping

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