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How To Cross

Current Creek Status = "Creek is flowing" 11/28/2019

--- Creek Crossing May Close During High Tide ---
Visit our Facebook site
for updated pictures and videos of the river when it's running.

If you are planing to visit, plan your arrival or departure during low tide.


High tides, heavy rains, deep sand and the Arroyo Grande Creek determine whether or not you can drive down the beach without getting stuck.

Access to the OHV and camping area may be restricted periodically by Arroyo Grande Creek, which is subject to water being released at Lopez Dam and increased flow during winter storms. It is very common for the creek to run when it rains, however, during this drought, it would have to rain a lot, with a very high tide, for a closure to occur.


Creek Closed


What does it mean when the creek is closed?


CCW spoke to the local authorities to see if closed meant, "we do not recommend you cross" or "if you cross you will get a ticket."

The answer was, "If you cross, you will get a ticket". 

Why? ...."Well, if you do not make it, and your life is on the line, you now are risking the lives of the local authorities to rescue you."

So please follow the rules. 


Tree In Creek




CreeK Waiting


There are a few things you should consider before crossing the creek.


1. Type of Vehicle- Light cars are not recommended to cross when the creek is above 2 Feet deep

2. Where to Cross - In most cases you can see where the Ocean Surf meets the River.
It is best to cross through the Rivers Fresh Water than to submerge your vehicle in Salt Water.
Most of the problems occur when crossing the river in the ocean's current.
Not only do you have the River pushing you, the tide pulls your vehicle into the surf.

3. DRIVE SLOW! - The number one reason cars and trucks get stuck while crossing is "Driving Too Fast".

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The river bed is a hard packed sand, which means you do not have to worry about getting stuck while crossing.
Driving fast across the creek causes water to fill your engine compartment which can cause your car to suck
in water through your air intake and/or may get your distributor wet which will cause your car to stall.


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